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"Master Your Code is the most important thing I've read in years. Some books show you the ceiling and how to break through it. This books shows that there is no ceiling."

— Tim Chen, CEO, NerdWallet

"Darren makes a bold promise – that everyone has the potential to lead an extraordinary life – and does so in an absolutely compelling way. Bringing his humility, conviction, and authenticity powerfully together, Darren challenges us to fundamentally change the way we look at the decisions we make and the lives we lead. His honest, raw testimony and personal revelations required courage that few people possess. Whether you are young or old, struggling or successful, this is a book you will treasure."

— Thomas Friel, Former Chairman and CEO, Heidrick & Struggles

"If you want to be a better leader, a better person – and you're not sure what is holding you back – this book is the unlock you are looking for. Master Your Code has powerful examples to learn from, written from the heart of Darren's personal journey. If you're willing to listen, learn, reflect and commit, you have the ability to go from average to extraordinary." 

— Heidi Zak, Co-Founder and CEO, ThirdLove

""This is a provocative and empowering work. Drawing on a compelling balance of science, intuition, and intense personal experience, Darren challenges us to examine the programming that drives our behavior…and ultimately our lives. This book will likely cause some uncomfortable introspection, but is well worth the effort. There is something for everyone here.”

— Jeff Cohen, CEO, Larson-Juhl

(a Berkshire Hathaway company)

"I’ve experienced Darren unleashing the power of a team by helping the individual members put unproductive beliefs and behaviors aside. I can’t make a better world unless I can be a better me. Master Your Code is a deeply insightful yet completely practical guide to that better self. Do you owe that to the people around you? This is a very special book!

— Bill Anderson, CEO,

Roche Pharmaceuticals

“Darren's personal insights and bold present relevance have helped transform me as a person and leader. This book captures the essence of his insights into personal development and the power of agency and choice. We can choose to rewrite our code and change our trajectory now!”

— Scott Cutler, CEO, StockX

"Darren presents a straightforward, but immensely sophisticated guide to becoming the best version of yourself. This book is presented in a step-by-step format, framing a set of principles, which are grounded in data and reference. It was relevant the moment I finished the first chapter, and rich enough to be a guide for years to come. It has transformed how I lead and partner, both in the the office and at home. It's a remarkable tool."

— Perkins Miller, CEO, Fandom

“Allergic to self-help books that evangelize stale maxims?  Fatigued by blogs, articles and podcasts that are impossible to keep up with, or distinguish as truly valuable?  If so, read this book! Master Your Code is a refreshingly crisp and approachable guide to a fundamental reframing of life’s most obstinate patterns. The book thoughtfully weaves in Darren’s incredible personal experience and the best of classical teachings, leaving the reader inspired and energized.”

— Seth Cohen, President and Co-Founder, OODA Health

Darren’s inspiring story didn’t happen by accident. His dedication to mastering his code and changing his life, and the lives of those around him, is incredible. As an entrepreneur I’ve had to recalculate and rework my own internal coding and that of my business many times to reach the next level of success. Master Your Code provides great insight on exactly how to go about that extremely important process. "

— Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO, Pinnacle Group

— G. Kelly O'dea, Chairman Emeritus, Outward Bound International

"I couldn’t put this book down. Truly authentic, important, and inspiring, Master Your Code is not just another leadership tome – it is a timely “code breaker.” Darren invites readers into his personal life as the humanistic underpinning to the genius guidance he delivers. Dive in with an open mind and be transported into a new world that offers provocative insights and shares a practical guide for you to unlock your own code, and guide those around you to unlock theirs."

"Master Your Code is truly transformational. It’s the kind of book that opens up unlimited possibilities for who you can be, creates a major shift in how you think about your potential, and helps orchestrate your moves toward realizing an extraordinary life. I consider it one of the great personal development books of our generation, and one that will become timeless."

— Amy Buckner Chowdhry, CEO, AnswerLab

"Despite success in most areas of life, I've quickly realized after reading Master Your Code that I'm operating at half my potential. This book has helped me see how my own thoughts are getting in the way. I've never been so invigorated by a single book and so inspired to start new patterns for my future. Master Your Code is going to be added to the three books that everyone in my company reads. 

— Mike Faith, CEO,

“I have experienced first-hand the results of these accessible teachings. The breakthrough is empowering.  What has held me back were my own false beliefs that I held as truth. Just realizing that alone has unlocked exciting opportunities that make me jump out of bed every morning. My only regret is that this book wasn’t written sooner.

— Ben Goorin, President,

Gooring Bros.

"Master Your Code stretches beyond the usual business/leadership book. Darren works from a fundamental thesis: Great leaders must master themselves before they can effectively lead others. He brings that thesis to life in a powerful way. This is a book I'd recommend to anyone interested in learning about leadership and human potential."

— Frank Blake, former Chairman and CEO, The Home Depot

"All of us have layers of hidden biological, cultural, and emotional programming. Left unexamined, this programming drives our behavior and limits our potential. But it doesn't have to do so. Master Your Code draws on wisdom new and old, offering a practical guide for exploring your own 'code' and -- as Darren compellingly demonstrates from his own experience -- how to take control and rewrite it for the life you want to lead."

— Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox

This book makes a very bold promise -- everyone has the potential to lead an extraordinary life. And Darren delivers in a way that few books do. Master Your Code does what it suggests. It combines ancient wisdom and modern science to deliver an essential guidebook for what we all want -- a life of joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

— Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, President, StubHub

"Warning: object in mirror (that's you) may be closer than it not reaching (your) full potential! Those who want to change this outcome need to read this book!"

— Calvin MacDonald, CEO, Lululemon